Get A Repair Cost Estimate - Instantly!

Get an immediate estimate for the repairs you need! But remember - this is not your final quote. Visit your nearest NAPA Auto Care Center for a complete inspection, a precise quote and timeframe for all of your needed repairs. Bring this estimate to your NAPA Auto Care Center.

Central New York NAPA Autocare centers offer competitve rates all all types of auto repairs. While this automated repair cost estimator will help you to get an idea of your expected repair costs, nothing can substitute for a comprehensive evaluation by an experienced mechanic. NAPA Auto Care Center mechanics are ASE certified and undergo continual training on all of the latest problems, solutions and diagnostic techniques.

When you talk to your mechanic, be sure to mention anything you observe that is different or does not seem right about your car. The way it handles, any new noises, its performance, stopping power, recent maintenance that you have done or may have postponed doing for your car, etc. While you can expect that a thorough safety inspection will reveal most problem areas, your observations are also important clues to help your mechanic to find problems quickly and spend more of his time fixing them, rather than diagnosing them.